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OilMARKET 03 / 2015
Quality controlQuality control
Kazakhstan Pavlodar refinery chief mechanical engineer Marat Tlepbergenov (centre) along with John Crane specialists takes part in testing dry gas seals for the Pavlodar unit manufactured at John Crane plant in Slough near London.
 Satiation of the dragon Satiation of the dragon
Satiation of China's domestic motor fuels market, increasingly active transition to renewable energy sources, gradually make fading the image of semimythical personage of the world's oil markets, often used to scare traders or impress hedge funds.
  American crude: growth outlook American crude: growth outlook
The world's leading economy is bolstered by sustainable growth of hydrocarbons production in the country
In the end of 2014 world crude prices plummeted to much dismay of the oil exporting nations, mainly united in Opec. Many analysts remained puzzled by the reasons of such a steep price downfall. Unlike it's been the case in the past, the demand remained pretty steady. Eventually, the situation clarified: most of the changes in the world energy sector happened on the wave of radical changes on supply end of the market!
 New trends in Ukraine New trends in Ukraine's drilling
Kiev based consultancy Newfolk held the 2 nd International conference on Drilling Innovations
Kiev based consultancy Newfolk held on 27-28 May in Lviv 2nd International conference on Drilling Innovations. The conference brought together more than 30 companies from Poland, Czech republic, Belarus, Germany, Canada, the U.S.A. and Ukraine. Lviv is famous not only as «the capital of Western Ukraine», but also as the oldest production hub in Carpathian oil and gas province. Many producing and service companies have their offices in the city, the local Universities and technical institutions train specialists for the oil and gas sector, while the subsoil of the region still bears substantial potential of the hydrocarbons to be produced.
When Euro-5 needs to be postponed. RussiaWhen Euro-5 needs to be postponed. Russia's Oxygenates Market As The Mirror Of Fuels Market
Russia's Creon consultancy held on 9 September 4th international conference Fuels additives
Russia's plans to gear up in 2016 to Euro5 fuels class are seen today by many experts as hasty and unwise. Neither manufacturers, nor consumers are not prepared to start working under new standards sustaining existing volumes of output. However, those agencies who are in charge of the decisions, do not seem to be ready for action, leaving the industry in the state of uncertainty. The situation is aggravated by the looming ban of one of the additives, which is seen by the conference delegates as deliberately engineered limitation, anti-competitive and impeding domestically produced additive from access to the market.
Vygon consulting: Subsidizing RussiaVygon consulting: Subsidizing Russia's domestic market is still very relevant
Russia's oil and gas consultancy VYGON CONSULTING published its detailed analysis of Russia's government Big tax maneuver (BTM) changes impact on oil industry, the state budget and consumers on domestic market.
Natural gas and hydrogen conquer
the transportation marketsNatural gas and hydrogen conquer the transportation markets
Natural gas and hydrogen conquer the transportation markets
Natural gas vehicles (NGV) gain growing popularity in many regions of the world. While EU countries lead in total numbers of the diesel vehicles transformed into the NGV, North America and China impress in terms of the growth pace, stated the representative of the NGV Global Dr. Michael Gallagher in his recent presentation in London.
Astana Expo-2017: A bridge to the futureAstana Expo-2017: A bridge to the future
Logo. The three petals set in the logo of the International Specialized Exhibition Astana EXPO-2017 symbolize energy and eternal movement. The exhibition slogan is Future Energy which means that it is focused on one of the most exciting topic: alternative energy supplies. In other words, this forum aims to bring together all the latest achievements in the field of renewable energy sources.
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