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OilMARKET 07 / 2013
Over the last couple of years it was more often claimed in Russia and other parts of the globe that the conventional easy-to-recover crude oil reserves are sustainably shrinking which arises the need to develop unconventional hard-to-recover deposits. Therefore the issues of reserves recovery and innovative production techniques use become ever more topical, in particular, when it goes about sustaining high production performance that Russia managed to achieve recently.
Colin Chapman: quality planning is the best remedy from delaysColin Chapman: quality planning is the best remedy from delays
The Bottom of the barrel refining conference in Moscow is a must attend event for hundreds of industry executives in the former Soviet Union and abroad. Lately it was very naturally complemented by another highly successful event organized by Colin Chapman's consultancy EPC, the Projects Forum.
Pavlodar refinery inked EPC modernization contractPavlodar refinery inked EPC modernization contract
On 30 July 2013 Kazakhstan 163,000b/d Pavlodar refinery announced starting a new stage of its modernization project implementation after signing an EPC (engineering, procurement, construction) contract with Romanian SC Rominserv SRL.
Shukhrat Danbay: Our caravan is making headway!!!Shukhrat Danbay: Our caravan is making headway!!!
The year of 2012 and the 1H2013 turned out to be rather challenging for Kazakhstan 100,740 b/d Pavlodar refinery. The refinery had to coordinate its development plans with the current crude oil and petroleum products market realia: struggling for sustainable feedstock supplies to the refinery, lack of investments, products overstocked refinery's tank farms against the background of growing Russian motor fuels supplies to Kazakhstan market.
Kazakhstan  locomotive of Central AsiaKazakhstan locomotive of Central Asia's green energy drive
According to forecasts of the International Energy Agency (IEA), in the next quarter-century the world faces two global threats: lack of energy resources and environmental disaster. Global financial institutions are encouraging developing countries to move to green technologies. In Central Asia, in a kind of carte blanche move the leadership in this issue was transferred to Kazakhstan: the nation was awarded with the right to hold exhibition EXPO in 2017 with topical highlight defined as the energy of the future.
Wastes-to-energy power unit saves Estonia EUR 7mn/yrWastes-to-energy power unit saves Estonia EUR 7mn/yr
On 18 June Eesti Energia concern opened Estonia first mixed municipal wastes fuelled power plant. Along with electricity generation the 105mn waste-to-energy block also produces heat for Tallinn and Maardu residents.
Britain gears up biofuels productionBritain gears up biofuels production
Largest UK Bio-Refinery is Officially Opened in Hull
The 350mn pounds Vivergo bioethanol plant in Hull was officially opened on 8 July by the Rt. Hon Vince Cable MP, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills. The new plant is the UK's biggest bioethanol producer and largest single-source supplier of animal feed providing valuable commodities that the UK would usually import.
Jurby WaterTech International solutionsJurby WaterTech International solutions
Refinery water systems modernization under production performance and refining depth increase conditions
Currently most of refineries are active to implement waste water treatment, recycling and conditioning facilities modernization programmes. This comes in line with economic necessity to gear up to Euro5 compliant motor fuels production as well as toughening environmental regulations and the arising need to cut waterworks operational costs. Even so the implementation of these measures is not approached systematically with efforts mostly concentrated on the individual production complexes or objects of water systems infrastructure.
PPG Industries launches new application of PITT-CHARXP for PFP marketPPG Industries launches new application of PITT-CHARXP for PFP market
Dual-performance cryogenic spill protection coating protects against extremely high and low temperatures in marine and industrial environments
On 05 September 2013 PPG Industries announced the launch of a new application of PITT-CHARXP. PITT-CHAR XP is a flexible epoxy-based intumescent passive fire protective (PFP) coating suitable for environments where exterior durability and corrosion resistance are required. It utilises established technologies to prevent steel structures from heating up rapidly in the event of a fire by providing insulative protection against high temperatures.
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