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OilMARKET 10 / 2012
KIOGE-2012: it is high time for qualitative growthKIOGE-2012: it is high time for qualitative growth
Established in 1993, 2 years after Kazakhstan independence declaration, KIOGE conference and exhibition has already become one of the country's energy sector leading event providing grounds for the topical O&G issues discussion as well as industrial dialog between the national and foreign companies at the state and private business levels.
Kazakhstan Engineering Companies Union marks 10th anniversaryKazakhstan Engineering Companies Union marks 10th anniversary
Kazakhstan industrialization is currently underway evolving unprecedentedly fast. Thereby many in Kazakhstan are sure they could possibly live better and benefit more from this rather dynamic development. In this way, it worth quoting US 35th president John F. Kennedy reminding the browned-off and downhearted Americans: «My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country». Rewording Kennedy, do not complain of getting few pennies from sackfuls of money, better ask yourself how you contributed to your country development, roll up your sleeves, get down to work and thrive!
SPE: setting multi-level cooperation as an ultimate technological solutionSPE: setting multi-level cooperation as an ultimate technological solution
The IV annual Russian Oil and Gas Technical Conference and Exhibition (ROG-2012) held in Russia's capital Moscow (at the All-Russian Exhibition Center) on 16-18 October brought together the leading domestic and international E&P experts to discuss the top-priority issues of O&G complex as well as the latest technological developments.
Think globally to act locally: survival and development factorsThink globally to act locally: survival and development factors
The cutting-edge global oil refining and petroleum products supply trends can fundamentally change today's understanding of the way one or another country will make hydrocarbon fuels available at the domestic market in 5-10 years. The energy sustainability concept will be completely redefined for many national economies. In this way a well-established Latvian retail and wholesale trading operator Dinaz holding strives to structure its development strategy in line with state-of-the-art realia of the global downstream segment.
Shell launched lubricants production in RussiaShell launched lubricants production in Russia's Tver region
On 3 October 2012, Royal Dutch Shell opened a lubricants production complex in Torzhok, Tver region, Russia.
Gazprom neft to invest massively in bitumen productionGazprom neft to invest massively in bitumen production
Russia's vertically integrated Gazprom neft to pump in some $320mn into bitumen production by 2020, the company's commercial division director Levan Kadagidze stated. He also mentioned the company's bitumen production development strategy by 2020, which was worked out in 2008 and backed by the opportunities analysis and predictive estimation of bitumen demand in the road construction sector.
Aegaz terminal: Black Sea LPG transit and Eurasian driving forcesAegaz terminal: Black Sea LPG transit and Eurasian driving forces
On 28 September 2012 Kazakhstan companies Dala Group and Dala Trans commissioned a new LPG loading complex in Ukraine's Kerch. Named Asian-European gas terminal (Aegaz), it became the 4th LPG terminal in the Kerch fishing port. Notwithstanding intense competition the terminal founders face the future with confidence and optimism.
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