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OilMARKET 04 / 2012
BBTC 2012: in the beat of big raceBBTC 2012: in the beat of big race
Russia is said to be not very quick in making decisions, still it is swift to implement them. Over the span of the last 7 years Russias industry insiders as well as MPs have been actively discussing the acute need of oil refining industry development at the same doubting long and relentlessly stimulated export of relatively cheap fuel oil, which has nothing to do with avoiding rather unpopular countrys feedstock-oriented development scenario. Finally, in 2011, Russia launched a string of initiatives to force drastic motor fuels quality enhancement as well as to cease massive export (and probably production) of fuel oil.
Dr Vladimir Kapustin. The man his word and many deedsDr Vladimir Kapustin. The man his word and many deeds
In April 2012 Dr. Vladimir Kapustin celebrates 60th anniversary. He is general director of Russia's leading oil and gas engineering company VNIPIneft, professor of Moscow Gubkin Oil and Gas University, director of oil refining department. This full of energy man reminds the quote from Russia's famous theatre director Konstantin Stanislavsky: talent is the vigor of life.
Exclusive in the Black SeaExclusive in the Black Sea
Ukraine state owned marine oil and gas producer DAO Chornomornaftogaz is paving the new ways. In the end of April newly built in Singapore and delivered to the Turkish Black Sea base Giresun self-elevating floating drilling rig Petro Godovanets had been assembled and prepared for delivery to the Crimean shores of Ukraine. This is the most deep drilling self-elevating floating drilling rig in the Black Sea region.
The devil you knowThe devil you know
or what about thermal processes again
Innovative thermal processes, the most widely used technologies boosting residues conversion, were the focus of interest during the BBTC first day 2nd session. US Forster Wheeler (FW) refining department director Dan Gillis reported on introducing commercially proven technologies aimed at maximizing Russia's crude (medium-sulphur Urals and light, low sulfur Siberian Light blends) residues conversion and refining margins.
Colin Chapman: itColin Chapman: it's good time for Russian refiners to make a leapfrog in development
Over the span of past six month a number of events radically changed the situation in Russian refining and petrochemical industry. Changes in crude and products legislation, the so-called '60-66-90' export formula, cutting budget subsidies on low value heavy oil products exports as well as limiting lucrative gasoline exports, forced Russian refiners to take urgent steps in order to increase their products quality and, at last, the refining depth. Russia's admission to the WBO makes its refining and petrochemical industry increasingly prone to the fresh gales of global competition in refining and petrochemical industry.
Canadian vectorCanadian vector
Canada, with its rich tradition of democracy and innovative economic development serves as a good role model for Ukraine. As well in Canada, 1 in every 4 citizens has ethnic Ukrainian roots, Canada was the first nation to officially recognize Ukraine's independence in 1991.Canadian energy expertise in conventional and unconventional oil & gas development comes as timely inspiration for the former soviet nation aspiring energy independence. It's now relevant for Ukraine like never before to sustain itself in a changing world of energy needs.
RussiaRussia's Arctic offshore development: pros and cons
Russia's Arctic Oil and Gas conference organized by Adam Smith Conferences in Moscow on 17-19 April raised a number of urgent issues to stir lively discussion among the participating oil industry experts. Still, the event was by no means preceded by some investment or technological campaign but rather by an unauthorized rally held by Russia's Greenpeace members outside the conference venue. Greenpeace activists clamored against Arctic offshore development corroborating their claims both by verified and unreliable facts.
RussiaRussia's and APRAM countries' pipeline systems
Pipeline hydrocarbons shipments are assigned a major role in the global energy supply system development and ensure sizable share of Russia's energy resources exports. Entering and solidifying foothold at the Pacific Rim markets (energy resources markets in particular) is currently one of the top-priority objectives for Russia's East region social and economic development as well as the country's international economic and geopolitical standing reinforcement.
RussiaRussia's refineries modernization in 2012 is on schedule
Russia's oil refining industry modernization in 2012 progresses within the specified time-frame, the country's energy ministry stated on 20 April.
Tatyana Mitrova: chances are fading day by dayTatyana Mitrova: chances are fading day by day
EU energy commissioner Gunther Oettinger and Ukraine's energy and coal industry minister Yuri Boyko met at the end of March in Brussels. Boyko's first-place concern was international institutions' loan for Ukrainian natural gas transportation system (GTS) upgrade.
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