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OilMARKET 01 / 2017
Kremenchuk refinery: Washing away the limits of impossible
Switching to production of the modern clean motor fuels, Ukrainian oil and gas refining has a chance in 2017 to squeeze out the fuels imports. Our visit to the Kremenchug refinery gives clear indications of this trend.
The Power of ISOMALK
SIE Neftehim, LLC has become the leading high-octane gasoline components producer in the Russian market
Gazprom neft implementing advanced process control systems at Moscow refinery
An advanced process control (APC) system is currently being implemented at the Gazprom Neft Moscow Refinery, directed at increasing effectiveness and optimising the operation of the plant's production facilities. The new system has been installed throughout 2016 at the plant's crude distillation units, catalytic reforming units, gas fractionating facilities, gas-fractionation and hydrotreatment facilities for diesel fuels.
The Naphtha Hydrotreatment installation start-up and commissioning works are underway at TANECO
On the 16 of January 2017 they started start6up and commissioning works at the naphtha hydrotreating installation of the TANECO Complex started. The forecast duration of the program is expected to take 60 days.
EXPO 2017: Making the maximum use of the EXPO 2017
With less than 4 months left to EXPO62017, to date some 112 countries and 18 international organizations have officially confirmed their participation in the exhibition. EXPO 2017 in Astana is included in the list of The New York Times for 2017, ranking in the list of countries to visit the 26th place.
Wаrtsila to supply two 50 MW power plants to the United Kingdom
Wartsila will supply two 50 MW Smart Power Generation plants to energy and services company Centrica in the UK. Each plant is based on five Wartsila 34SG engines running on natural gas. The power plants are scheduled to be operational in 2018. Wartsila's scope covers the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC). The order is booked in January, 2017.
PKNM and Geoplast Telecom successfully tested downhole telemetry software system «GEOPLAST-35.4»
Perm Oil Machine Engineering Company in partnership with Ufa based Geoplast Telecom in February 2017 had successfully tested downhole telemetry software system GEOPLAST635.4. The systems was applied for well drilling at Fedorovskoye oil field in Western Siberia.
Gold in the bottom and in the sky
Producers of biofuels in Europe and elsewhere find opportunities to earn profits on clean fuels in the most unexpected places
For the development of a successful economy, it is important to be able to look at all problematic trends in terms of economic opportunities, including those introduced by new environmental standards. It is this approach that helps, for example, the rather poorly gifted soils and energy resources of the Netherlands to find benefits where no one would undertake to look for them — in wastewater — generating energy virtually from the sewage system.
01 / 2017